This is my website.  There are many like it but this one is mine. Other Kevin Beckers around the web:

  • used to be a sweet martial arts studio but the site seems to be dead now.  They practiced Becker Wing Chun. No joke.
  • seems like he could be me but I assure you he is not.
  • is apparently a web designer.  Cool TLD bro.
  • has been programming since the 70's.  It seems he mostly does web work these days.  Based on his site, his focus is clearly on the backend, not design.
  • - if you're looking to unlock strategic value, this is your guy.
  • redirects to a pretty sweet page by a Walt Becker.  It's worth checking out.  How do you even get a .us address?  I'm going to assume he's a spy.
  • My most recent domain search tells me that and are still for sale.  Don't miss out on these great domains!  I'm looking at you