Safari 6 Never Remember Passwords for Any Site

I never configure my browser to remember passwords for me.  I work on too many different computers to rely on my browser to remember things for me so I have my own system to keeping track of passwords.  Usually the first time I get a popup offering to remember my password on a new computer or browser I immediately go into the preferences and turn the feature off completely. After upgrading to Mountain Lion, which included Safari 6, I couldn't find this option.  You can choose to never remember passwords for a particular website but you are still prompted at least once for every website.  I asked google right after I upgraded and didn't find an answer but after upgrading two more macs and living with Mountain Lion for a few weeks the popups were starting to wear on me.  Luckily by this time, google had an answer.  Apparently it the option is now under "autofill" instead of "passwords".  If you turn off "usernames and passwords" you won't be prompted to remember any more passwords.  Thanks google!