I dislike that fact that I feel the need to post this but I feel it is important even though it will probably go unnoticed. This isn't exactly a high-traffic blog but it's mine and I want to at least have an explanation should the question of my frog logo arise.

Years ago when I started this blog as a self-hosted Wordpress site I was messing with favicons and I was amused by the frog favicon that I still have today. When I moved to Squarespace, I was playing with their Logo maker and decided to add a frog image to my header as well. There is literally no reason for it other than I found it amusing.

Now, years later the Pepe meme has become a symbol of the alt-right and I've been seeing frog emojii 🐸 popping up associated with alt-right twitter accounts and this stupid gabi social network (which I'm sure is a pleasant place to socialize) and it occured to me that my stupid frog logo might be seen as dog whistle or something. So I just want to publicly state that it's not. Sometimes a frog is just a frog.