I've vaguely known about Arduino for a long time now but, to me, it's been almost just background noise on the internet.  I've just never really given it any attention until recently.  People invariably compare the Raspberry Pi to the Arduino and there is lots of talk about using the GPIO header for many Arduino-like tasks.  Eventually the constant Arduino noise penetrated my thick skull and I started to look into it and all I can say is it's amazing.  Things have progressed so far since I dropped out from studied electrical engineering at Michigan Tech.  I've forgotten most of what little I managed to learn in my first pass at college, but it hardly matters.  Arduino makes it easy and all the heavy lifting has already been done by people that actually got up and went to their classes. Even as recently as ten years ago I had a friend (okay not that recent but time flies when you get old) that claimed he wanted to build a robot and, at the time, it seemed pretty unlikely to me that he could pull it off (no offense Russ) but now it's crazy easy and cheap.  There is even a contest underway to build a robot for under $10.

Anyway, the point is, this Raspberry Pi of mine is likely to combine with an Arduino and I do my part to bring on the inevitable robocalypse.