Grand Circus

Two weeks ago my manager told me that our VP of IT had gotten us 5 seats in any class offered by Grand Circus, a new Detroit tech training startup.  The only stipulation was that at least one of the seats had to be in the Build an iPhone App course.  Presumably he wants to see some internal iOS development come out of this.  Needless to say, all 5 of us opted for the iPhone class. The place is pretty much exactly what you would imagine if someone told you that they were taking a class at a hot new tech startup (they've even been named a Google tech hub, whatever that is).  There are unconventional weeble chairs in the lobby, kegs of disappointingly old beer, whiteboard paint in the classroom (we just write on the walls here man, it's cool), etc.


Although it almost seems like a parody of itself I still think the class will be cool. It's actually a little fun to be part of the Detroit Tech Scene even though I'm the cynical old guy that finds it all sort of amusing.  Nevertheless, I've been wanting to learn iOS programming for a few years now but I just never seem to find the motivation to dig into it.  Taking a class will force me to focus on it which is exactly what I need right now.  The downside is that it's a 10 week class, 2 nights a week, and I'm also enrolled in a class for my Master's Degree at OU so this semester will be rough.