Raspberry Pi US Keyboard Config

It seems the Debian Squeeze image for the Raspi uses a British keyboard layout by default.  Not surprising and easily fixed by editing /etc/default/keyboard and changing the line XKBLAYOUT=”gb” to XKBLAYOUT=”us".  While you're at it you might as well run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" to fix your time zone too. I've also found other some weirdness here and there.  There are two entries in /etc/passwd for the user "pi" but only one in /etc/shadow.  I've disabled the user for now but I really should delete it.  There is also a sudoer entry for "suse" which doesn't even exist in /etc/passwd.  Probably someone copied sudoers over from a suse box?  But why would anyone do that?  It's odd but that's what jumping on early is all about.  Lots to fix and lots to learn.