Raspberry Pi Lego Case

I managed to make a crude lego case for my raspi.  I had originally intended to design something with the Lego Digital Designer but I haven't really had time since the birth of my daughter coincided with the delivery of my raspi.  Some projects take precedence over others.  However I did find time to stop by the Lego Store near my house when I was running some errands and just bought a semi-random assortment of bricks from the in-store Pick-a-Brick wall.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't have an actual design because the in-store selection was pretty limited and I think I would've been disappointed.  As it is, I have a functional case for now, even if it is less than ideal.  It's not really worth posting the plans for in its current state but if/when I make something better I'll see what I can do.